Emerging Kitchen Decoration Trends in 2019

Kitchen is one of the core parts of a house. No matter you live in a large villa with plenty of rooms or in a relatively smaller flat with specific areas on the stage, kitchen has a particular importance. The kitchen always occupies the cozy, warm and functional corner of your home. It is usually the gathering zone for family members at meal times. The kitchen sometimes serves as a corner for nice coffee talks with guests and of course its primary function is always there - to prepare the most delicious dishes in a fresh atmosphere.

Either you are in need of renewing your kitchen or planning to decorate your new house with a modish kitchen, there are several tips to succeed! These tips also give a hint to select the most appropriate kitchen cabinet and countertop to maximize the stylish effect.

Skip the Borders

First of all, it is better to answer three key questions before you decide on your kitchen cabinets and countertops. What size is your kitchen and how much storage capacity do you need? If you need more storage for equipments and kitchen utensils, you can prefer larger kitchen cabinets with maximum height to make the area seem spacious and stylish with a fascinating borderline emphasizing the ceiling-cabinet unity. If you avoid bordering them, you may decide to have partially borderless cabinet designs to display your classy kitchenware. In this case, you may prefer a plain color for the walls not to distract the vision.

Contrast Effect

What shape is your kitchen area? This second question is a key element to find the most fashionable kitchen cabinet trend. Your kitchen may look square-shaped or may have longer-narrower design. Both of them go with different kitchen trends in 2019. The white is always a stylish color if you prefer to give an illuminated, comfortable look on your kitchen cabinets in a relatively narrower room. You may also choose two different dominating colors for your kitchen cabinet and countertop to point out the contrast. If you have a square-shaped space, then you may also prefer to have no upper cabinets, instead your modish lower cabinets show off

Pure White or Evolving Green

What makes your style personalized is the wide spectrum of kitchen cabinets of 2019. This is also the answer for the third question: Would you prefer creating your own style? There are lots of choices among the rustic designs with vogue touches, or bamboo materials to be used for more accessories to display the conformity with green nature. Apart from white, black is still a fashionable color in 2019 kitchen trends as it is applicable to both kitchen countertops and cabinets. The last tip is to choose your own stylish kitchen countertop design from a large variety of colors and patterns with Granitevision solutions.